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Impromptu Man: J.L. Moreno and the Origins of Psychodrama, Encounter Culture, and the Social Network by Jonathan Moreno

Impromptu Man is the story of an unlikely combination of ideas that have helped shape our time.  Seen through the colorful personality and long career of one of the 20th century’s great innovators, the psychiatrist and psychodrama founder J.L. Moreno, this epic history takes the reader from the creative chaos of Habsburg…

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Karlawish: Too Young to Die, Too Old to Worry

THIS weekend, the singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen is celebrating his 80th birthday — with a cigarette. Last year he announced that he would resume smoking when he turned 80. “It’s the right age to recommence,” he explained. At any age, taking up smoking is not sensible. Both the smoker and…
    • Jason Karlawish, MD

Why I Hope to Die at 75

Seventy-five. That’s how long I want to live: 75 years. This preference drives my daughters crazy. It drives my brothers crazy. My loving friends think I am crazy. They think that I can’t mean what I say; that I haven’t thought clearly about this, because there is so much in the…
    • Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, PhD


Shocked: Adventures in Bringing Back the Recently Dead

Please join us Thursday October 9 at 6:30 PM for an evening lecture/reception for Shocked:  Adventures in Bringing Back the Recently Dead, the book that reviewers are calling “fascinating” (The New York Times) “engaging” (Chicago Tribune) and, perhaps inevitably, “electrifying” (Booklist).  This event will be held at…

Peter Singer: The Life You Can Save

Peter Singer, author of The Life You Can Save and renowned Princeton professor, argues that we can, and should, donate to highly cost effective charities to improve the health and well being of the world’s poor. Peter Singer is one of the most well-known living philosophers and a leader of the…