Ethical Issues in Criminal Forensic Genetics

The Forensic DNA Phenotyping Project at the Penn Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy is part of a larger project, Ethical Issues in Criminal Forensic Genetics, which examines the potential benefits and problems associated with using genetics in law enforcement. FDP is a recent development and has had only limited use in law enforcement.  Yet this technology that promises to help police scientifically predict a suspect’s identity is likely to gain support. The FDP Project will monitor and analyze developments in FDP internationally.  The project tracks changes in the use of FDP, the laws and regulations related to FDP, and the evolving science behind FDP.  It serves as an authoritative source and gathering place for scientists, practitioners, and students interested in the use of this new technology.  This project is funded by the National Institutes of Health--National Human Genome Research Institute's Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications program, R01 HG004740.