• Kim Overby

Kim J. Overby, MD, MBE


Dr. Overby is a clinical ethicist and pediatrician who has served on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, the University of Iowa, the University of Pennsylvania, and Weil Cornell Medical College and as the Medical Director for a non-profit human service organization working with children and adults with developmental and other disabilities. She has participated on the clinical ethics consultation services at both New York Presbyterian Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where she also served as the Physician Co-chair for the HUP Ethics Committee. Dr. Overby’s scholarly interests center on ethical issues encountered in contemporary healthcare settings with a particular focus on disability, chronic illness, and the healthcare experience of vulnerable and marginalized populations. She participates in teaching bioethics and professionalism to medical students at the Perelman School of Medicine and master’s candidates in the Penn Masters of Bioethics Program.

Selected Publications

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MBE, University of Pennsylvania

Internship and residency, Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Robert Wood Johnson General Pediatric Fellowship, Stanford University

MD, University of Pennsylvania

BS, Ohio University