• merz

Jon F. Merz, JD, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy
  • Office: 215.573.8107
  • Fax: 215.573.3036
  • Email: merz@mail.med.upenn.edu

Selected Publications

Redman, B.K., Yarandi, H.N., Merz, J.F.:

2008. Empirical developments in retraction. J. Med. Ethics.

Kempner, Joanna. Perlis, Clifford S. Merz, Jon F.:

2005. Ethics. Forbidden knowledge.[see comment]. Science 307(5711): 854, Feb 11.

Merz, Jon F. McGee, Glenn E. Sankar, Pamela.:

2004. "Iceland Inc."?: On the ethics of commercial population genomics.[see comment]. Social Science & Medicine 58(6): 1201-9, Mar.

Merz, Jon F. Henry, Michelle R.:

2004. The prevalence of patent interferences in gene technology. Nature Biotechnology 22(2): 153-4.

Katz, D., Caplan, A.L., Merz, J.F.:

2003. All gifts large and small: toward an understanding of the ethics of the pharmaceutical industry gift giving. Am. J. Bioethics 3(3): 39-46. 

Henry, Michelle R. Cho, Mildred K. Weaver, Meredith A. Merz, Jon F.:

2002. Genetics. DNA patenting and licensing. Science 297(5585): 1279, Aug 23.

Henry, M.R., Cho, M.K., Weaver, M.A., Merz, J.F.:

2002. DNA patenting and licensing. Science 297: 1279.

Nelson, Robert M. Merz, Jon F.:

2002. Voluntariness of consent for research: an empirical and conceptual review. Medical Care 40(9 Suppl): V69-80.

Merz, Jon F. Kriss, Antigone G. Leonard, Debra G B. Cho, Mildred K.:

2002. Diagnostic testing fails the test. Nature 415(6872): 577-9, Feb 7.

Merz, J.F., Leonard, D.G., Miller, E.R.:

1999. IRB review and consent in human tissue research. Science 283(5408): 1647-8.


Carnegie Mellon University, PhD, Engineering & Public Policy

Duquesne University School of Law, JD

University of North Florida, MBA

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, BS, Nuclear Engineering