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Online Course: The Affordable Care Act and the Future of Health Care Reform

Starting Monday, May 4th 2015, the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy is offering a new online course via Coursera: "The Affordable Care Act and the Future of Health Care Reform," taught by Ezekiel Emanuel. Click the sign up button below to learn more about this free online course. Course…

'Health Policy & the Affordable Care Act' begins March 25 on Coursera

Coursera The American health care system has many problems. 50 million people are uninsured. Quality is extremely uneven, with peaks of greatness at leading academic centers but overall poor quality in both process measures and outcomes such as asthma deaths. Finally, the U.S. health care system spends over $8000 per patient…
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Medicaid cuts would weaken healthcare law

Experts at the Center for American Progress said Medicaid cuts would undermine the success of the president's signature healthcare law.  President Obama needs to walk away from some of the Medicare and Medicaid cuts he endorsed in earlier budget-cutting talks, a group of liberal healthcare experts said Wednesday. Experts at the…
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