Congrats to Anne Barnhill on new book: Food, Ethics, and Society

Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, & Tyler Doggett (eds). Food, Ethics, and Society: An Introductory Text with Readings. 2016. Oxford University Press.

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Food, Ethics, and Society: An Introductory Text with Readings (Eds. Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, and Tyler Doggett) presents seventy-three readings that address real-world ethical issues at the forefront of the food ethics debate. Topics covered include hunger, food justice, consumer ethics, food and identity, food and religion, raising plants and animals, food workers, overconsumption, obesity, and paternalism. The selections are enhanced by chapter and reading introductions, study questions, and suggestions for further reading. Ideal for both introductory and interdisciplinary courses, Food, Ethics, and Society explains basic philosophical concepts for new students and forges new ground on several ethical debates.