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Post-doctoral Researcher

The Bradbury Lab in the Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology-Oncology and the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania is recruiting a highly motivated postdoctoral research fellow with expertise in patient-oriented and behavioral research. Position is initially offered for one year - and can be extended up to at least three years contingent upon outstanding performance. Candidate can begin as early as September 2014.

Available project within the Bradbury lab include several NIH funded translational genetic research studies focused on the clinical implementation of genetic medicine to promote the health of individuals, families and communities. These include:

1.    Studies to evaluate the risks, benefits and utilities of returning individual genetic research results to research participants.

2.    A multicenter randomized study to evaluate the risks, benefits and outcomes of telephone communication of genetic test results as compared to in-person communication (standard-of-care).

3.    Studies to evaluate how psychosocial adjustment and health and risk behaviors of adolescent girls at genetic and familial risk for breast cancer differ from peers.

4.    Studies evaluating new counseling and delivery models for, and outcomes of emerging somatic and germline applications in clinical cancer care.

The candidate will be part of an enthusiastic interdisciplinary research team and will have opportunities to participate in multicenter studies, manuscript development and grant writing. The candidate will lead a newly funded multi-center NIH funded study evaluating the return of genetic research results to research participants. Additionally, the candidate will be involved in analysis and dissemination of projects described above. Thus, this position provides a rich multi-disciplinary training and mentored environment in health care communication and delivery, clinical genetics, ethical legal and social issues related to genomic medicine and behavioral science.


Candidates are required to hold a PhD, MD, or both. Must be a U.S.citizen or possess a U.S. permanent residency card.

Extensive expertise in patient-oriented, survey based research and familiarity with data analysis is required. Preference will be given to those with experience in both qualitative and quantitative methods, writing experience and a record of participating in publications. Candidates with wet-lab only experience are not appropriate for this position.

Requirement: Must be US Citizen or permanent resident.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Angela Bradbury: angela.bradbury@uphs.upenn.edu

Research Scientist

The primary function is to manage and oversee the daily implementation and operations of a new multicenter NIH funded study and to assist in overall budget management and dissemination of research findings across various NIH and non-NIH studies in Dr. Bradbury’s research program.

The RESPECT study is a recently funded NIH multisite study evaluating the outcomes of returning genetic research results to research participants. The Research Scientist will be responsible for (1) research study management and oversight, including coordination of participating sites (recruitment, enrollment and retention, maintenance of study related files including completed written informed consent, completed surveys and regulatory documents, (2) supervision of the research assistant and coordination of study staff at all sites, (3) supervision of data collection and entry, (4) preparation of data for analysis and presentation, (5) maintaining an up-to-date reference library related to study topics.

The Research Scientist will also be responsible for budget management and review of all Dr. Bradbury’s ongoing NIH and non-NIH funded studies, working closely with business associates and other relevant institutional offices. Additionally, she/he will assist in analysis, dissemination of research findings, manuscripts and grant preparation across various studies in Dr. Bradbury’s research program. 

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Angela Bradbury: angela.bradbury@uphs.upenn.edu

Business Administrator B

This position will provide direct support for Department purchasing, accounts payable, and travel & expense management activity. This individual will provide oversight and guidance over business operations of the Department. This position will provide financial oversight of operating funds by monitoring and providing regular reporting on departmental expenditures including faculty recruitment commitments, discretionary and incentive accounts, educational programs activity, pilot funding programs, and other Chair initiatives. This individual will also be responsible for the regular tracking and analysis of tuition revenue from its Masters programs, Clinical Ethics Mediation program, dual-degree programs, undergraduate Bioethics minor, and the Penn Fellowship in Advanced Biomedical Ethics program. This individual will also work collaboratively with the Department’s Grants Manager on payroll management of faculty and research support salary distributions and purchasing activity on grants. This position will report directly to the Director of Fiscal Operations and will ensure that Department and University business policies and procedures are maintained and implemented appropriately.

A Bachelor’s Degree and 2 years to 3 years of experience or equivalent combination of education and experience is required. Strong organizational, analytical, and written communication skills and ability to work independently are important. Experience & proficiency in University financial systems (Business Objects, Ben Financials, Hyperion Planning) and in Microsoft Office applications are essential. Conscientiousness and attention to detail, accuracy and quality are also essential.