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Impromptu Man: J.L. Moreno and the Origins of Psychodrama, Encounter Culture, and the Social Network by Jonathan Moreno

Impromptu Man is the story of an unlikely combination of ideas that have helped shape our time.  Seen through the colorful personality and long career of one of the 20th century’s great innovators, the psychiatrist and psychodrama founder J.L. Moreno, this epic history takes the reader from the creative chaos of Habsburg…

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The risk of knowing: Alzheimer's research volunteers

Jason Karlawish, a Penn physician who is leading the psychological study, said people often join trials like this because they have seen what Alzheimer's does up close and want to help, even if they may not benefit. His pitch: "Do you want to be a partner with me to achieve the…
    • Jason Karlawish, MD

Wearable Devices as Facilitators, Not Drivers, of Health Behavior Change

Several large technology companies including Apple, Google, and Samsung are entering the expanding market of population health with the introduction of wearable devices. This technology, worn in clothing or accessories, is part of a larger movement often referred to as the “quantified self.” The notion is that by recording and reporting…
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