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Controlling Drug Costs

In this video, Ezekiel J. Emanuel talks about some methods for controlling drug costs, including re-importation from Canada, and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices. He recommends value-based pricing as a strategy. And he suggests that sometime in the next decade, one way or another, we will see serious legislation regulating pharmaceutical pricing.

Master of Bioethics (MBE)

Division of Health Policy Contributes to Penn MacArthur 100 & Change Proposal

Vice Chair of Health Policy, Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD, is part of a team led by Angela Duckworth of Penn Psychology’s Character Lab and Katy Milkman of Wharton People Analytics, which proposes to address the challenge of enduring behavior change through a submission to the MacArthur 100 & Change competition. The proposal was recently selected by the President and Provost of the University of Pennsylvania to represent the University as its submission to the global competition for $100 million in project funding.

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2017 Bioethics Film Festival: Almost Human?

    • Bioethics Film Festival 2017: Almost Human
The Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy presents the 2017 Bioethics Film Festival: Almost Human? Join us for a showcase of three thought-provoking films–Avatar (2009), Her (2013), and Ex Machina (2015)–followed by discussion from expert faculty and film industry panelists. The film festival will ask audiences to ponder ethical…

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New CE Credit Course: Neuroethics with Jonathan Moreno

Explore the complex world of neuroethics with a new online course taught by Jonathan D. Moreno, PhD. CME, CNE, and other types of continuing education credit are available. To learn more, visit the course page at the button below, or watch the sample video.Learn More
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Announcing the Class of 2019 Fellows in Advanced Biomedical Ethics

Maddy Kilbride will receive her PhD in Philosophy from Princeton this summer. Prior to beginning her PhD, she obtained her BA in Philosophy at Bates and an MA in Philosophy (of Science), also at Princeton. Many of you likely know Maddy, as she was a boot camper last summer and has…
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Conflicts of Interest for Patient-Advocacy Organizations

On March 2nd, a team of researchers in the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy published in the New England Journal of Medicine one of the first major studies assessing the conflicts of interest of patient advocacy organizations. The team, which included Matthew McCoy, Harald Schmidt, and Ezekiel Emanuel, analyzed…
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